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Antonio Zampolli Prize


Outstanding Contributions to the Advancement of Language Resources and Language Technology Evaluation within Human Language Technologies

In 2004, the ELRA Board has created a prize to honour the memory of its first president, Professor Antonio Zampolli, a pioneer and visionary scientist who was internationally recognized in the field of Computational Linguistics and Human Language Technologies (HLT). He also contributed much through the establishment of ELRA and the LREC conference.

To reflect Antonio Zampolli’s specific interest in our field, the Prize will be awarded to individuals whose work lies within the areas of Language Resources and Language Technology Evaluation with acknowledged outstanding contributions to their advancements. See the statutes for details concerning nominations.

The Prize amount is 10,000€. The recipient(s) will also receive a certificate, recognition in the ELRA newsletter and will be featured on ELRA’s website. The Prize will be awarded for the third time in May 2008 at the LREC 2008 conference in Marrakech (May 26 – June 1, 2008). Completed nominations should be sent to the ELRA president Bente Maegaard and arrive before November 1, 2007.

The ELRA Board receives many very good nominations, so if we were not able to select your candidate last time, you are invited to resubmit your nomination.

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