Workshop Title Editor
1 International Workshop about Resource and Tools in Field Linguistics          (Not available) Peter Wittenburg
2 OntoLex'2 Ontologies and Lexical Knowledge Bases Kiril Simov
3 Machine Translation Evaluation Human Evaluators Meet Automated Metrics Maghi  King
4 Annotation Standards for Temporal Information in Natural Language Andrea Setzer
6 Customizing Knowledge in NLP Applications - Strategies, Issues and Evaluation Federica Busa
7 Question Answering - Strategy and Resources Mark Maybury
8 Language Resources in Translation Work and Research Elia Yuste Rodrigo
9 International Standards of Terminology and Language Resources Management Key-Sun Choi
10 Workshop on WordNet Structures and Standardisation, and How These Affect Wordnet Applications and Evaluation Dimitris Christodoulakis
12 First International Workshop on UNL, other Interlinguas and their Applications Jesus Cardeņosa
13 Arabic Language Resources and Processing - Status and Prospects Khalid Choukri
14 Multimodal Resources and Multimodal Systems Evaluation Mark Maybury
15 Portability Issues in Human Language Technologies Bojan  Petek
16 Linguistic Knowledge Acquisition and Representation - Bootstrapping Annotated Language Data Alessandro Lenci
17 Using Semantics for Information Retrieval and Filtering Claude de Loupy
18 Towards a Roadmap for Language Resources and Evaluation Steven Krauwer
19 Event Modelling and MultilingualDocument Linking Roberta Catizone 
20 Beyond Parseval - Towards Improved Evaluation Measures for Parsing Systems John Carroll